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    The staff team is getting bigger and bigger!! :DD



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    The staff team is getting bigger and bigger!! :DD

    Post by Nekare on Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:57 pm

    We, the staff team is working hard to get the chat bigger, and now we have been working with one more chat for Dragon powers on deviantart.
    We are still looking for someone that are interested to be in the staff team, and with that I mean the staff team at the chat in deviantart xD
    If you are one of them, try this app:

    This chat can be used in any time, and the extra good thing with the deviant art chat, is that if something happends at the dragon powers chatland, like buggs or chatland connection problems, you can tell the staff on there or get more info about the problems.
    But still you can use it to just chat with your friends x)

    The staff team for dragon powers is getting bigger and bigger.
    First of all, we do have the staff team (the alpha, beta, gamma and helper) at the chatland. We do also have the forum staff (the moderatores), and the pose sets artists, and now we have the deviantart staff (alpha, beta, gamma and helper) and this big staff team will help you all with anything you need help with.
    They are tested and they're good at their job!!

    Thank you all for reading this! Wink


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    Re: The staff team is getting bigger and bigger!! :DD

    Post by OmegaWolf on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:42 pm


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