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    Atreija's pose orders


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    Atreija's pose orders

    Post by Atreija on Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:23 pm

    Hi guuuys! I love you

    I really love drawing, so I started thinking: Why not try make som designs?
    So now you can order a design!
    Unfortunately I will take deltas for it c: EDIT: Its free, but you need deltas to upload a pose.

    How can I order?

    Just write here in this topic how you want to have it, dog or dragon, wolf or bunny... Please post a ref! It would be more easier then. :B

    Nice! But what if I don't have deltas?

    Then I'll say it that easy: Then I can still draw a pose to you, but you can't upload it to the game. ^^

    You're so awesome! Thanks, I will order!

    You made my day kiddo! <: <3

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